Friday, May 22, 2015

Band Review: Loose Logic

Loose Logic is a hip hop artist (Ian Westbrook) from Orange County.

I find him musically more interesting than most hip hop artists. Check out the intro to “Cali Dreamin’”, the keyboards on “Enemy”, and “Ava’s Song” in general for some good examples of that.

He also has something to say, with deeply personal songs about love lost because of that person’s self-destruction, and the changes made by having a child.

Those are points in his favor, but it also makes me more aware of how much is possible. Working through these issues feels like it should lead to somewhere higher, but I am bothered by the continuing drug references, the apparent lack of compassion for the lost love, and the frequent vulgarity, especially in “Shake That”.

That being said, those things may not be issues for other people, especially hip hop fans, because this is ultimately done well.

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