Friday, December 15, 2017

Band Review: A.J. & Tara

A.J. & Tara are a pop duo from Los Angeles.

I enjoyed them pretty well. Their music has a strong technological influence. I can't swear to the presence of Auto-Tune, but I can't rule it out either. Between that and the synth, the music seems like a natural fit for the club scene. The emphasis on partying in the music tends to agree.

Despite that, there is still an emotion that comes through. The tempos are not endlessly dance-centric, but can also go well as a background to other activities. I thought "Rock The Night" and "Believing" were the best of the four tracks. You will notice similarities between them, but they do not end up being monotonous.

For the niche where it would be easy to place A.J. & Tara, they are better than they need to be.

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