Thursday, December 07, 2017

Band Review: Bruce Guynn & Big Rain

Bruce Guynn & Big Rain are a California crossover band, blending country with rock and blues.

They have an impressive touring history, including going to China and tours for troops.

They would probably be enjoyable at an outdoor concert on a warm day.

None of those statements are negative, but they don't indicate any particularly strong impressions either.

The music is mellow. There is nothing wrong with that, but nothing really stood out to me either. Maybe that's because it is more country, but being more country could have easily made me hate it, and that didn't happen either.

There is just a teeny bit of irritation at finding their own pages self-describing as "Heroes of Crossover Rock", and how the tribulation they have faced would break other bands. That seems like they should be a little less forgettable. They could at least have written a short summary of the tribulation to give some context.

I find them fine, but not compelling.

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