Friday, December 01, 2017

Band Review: Blue Flamez

I am now reviewing my last indigenous rapper for the year. A few things about this are significant for me.

We are out of November, though just barely. He is also not from the Mic article like the other six. Instead, he was from this article:

That's right; Blue Flamez is an Oregonian, and that is one reason I wanted to save him for last -- not only to crown my Native American Heritage Month listening, but also because that makes him my 500th band reviewed. I can see doing 500 more.

One thing that the article notes is the optimism of Blue Flamez' work. It does feel like there is less use of minor keys, where it is a subtle difference but the sound does not pull downward the way a lot of rap does.

The sound may be influenced by a sense of place, though I can't be sure. I nonetheless appreciate the decision to stay local, which is not always easy.

Also, after having reviewed many defunct bands, I appreciate the immediacy here. There is recent, current music.

I appreciate the nerd vibe on "Beam Me Up". "King Without A Crown" may be the most important track, but I really liked "We Come Correct", which has a sense of vibrancy and a strong hook.

It looks like there was at least one Portland date over the summer, but I did not see any current touring information.

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