Thursday, November 30, 2017

Band Review: Tru Rez Crew

Tru Rez Crew is the last of the bands from the Mic article, with a mention of their video, "I'm a Lucky One":

One of the reasons that particular song is mentioned is the inclusion of Inuit throat singers on the track. This feels seems appropriate.

With their name it is impossible not to think of 2 Live Crew, and a lot of their music that will remind you of 2 Live Crew and Snoop Dogg and that segment of rap. Still, Tru Rez Crew in no way limits themselves to that, pulling in grooves and vocal accompaniments from other genres, often getting on a good funk.

The throat singers may vary a bit farther off that musical path, but bringing in Inuit performers is very in keeping with the band's theme of uniting along diverse aboriginal experiences.

It is not clear that the band is currently active (the Mic article itself is from 2015), but there are several tracks available via ReverbNation and Soundcloud.

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