Thursday, November 23, 2017

Band Review: RedCloud

RedCloud, a hiphop artist from Hawthorne, California, was also mentioned in the Tom Barnes Mic article. (Just two left after this.)

It was different in this case because it focused not on one of his recordings but on a freestyle. Drawing attention to missing and murdered indigenous women by saying their names, he broke the world record for longest freestyle rap. There is more about that in this article on HipHopDX:

While RedCloud has a good-sized catalog on his own, it appears that he is currently doing more as part of LightingCloud. Maybe I can review them next year. Actually, the RedCloud albums include a lot of interesting artists, including Pigeon John, Def Shepard, and rocdomz.

RedCloud can do some pretty interesting things with his voice. There is a lowness - almost robotic sounding -- that might count as vocal fry. It is best demonstrated on "Is This Thing On?", which also has an upbeat tempo and the most fun video. The video for "Tapatio" helped me appreciate that song better.

There is a lot of humor in the lyrics. It gets clever on "When Kenpo Strikes", but my favorite track was probably "Koyote Gospel", and that is purely for sentiment and emotion. That being said, Traveling Circus opens pretty strong.

And, if that shows some versatility, then that there is a new band, and new things going on, is a good thing.

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