Thursday, November 02, 2017

Band Review: Bloodline

I put down Bloodline for review because I saw something with Loren Anthony, who does vocals and bass. I believe it was something related to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests.

The tricky part now is that I am not sure how current the band is. They were started in 1998, almost twenty years ago. There is still some activity on the Facebook page, but not a lot.

That doesn't have to mean much. As I started reviewing indigenous artists last year, many of them were focusing far more on #NoDAPL than their music careers, for which I could not blame them.

Still, some other artists had previously posted more music on line. ReverbNation has one song, one video, and I found at least two other videos on Youtube, but on different channels.

Anthony himself does many other things, including acting, speaking, and Iron Warrior Fitness. But I review bands.

So, for Loren, but also for Virgil Wilson and Leland Anthony on guitars and Steve Baca on drums, I listened to the songs I could find multiple times.

Bloodline is a metal band out of Gallup, New Mexico. The brand of metal feels more hardcore, with the growling and existential anger. That feels generationally appropriate for a band that started in 1998, though I have heard it with newer bands as well. They invite you to imagine that Machinehead had a baby with old school Sepultura, and I suspect that's pretty apt.

And I can only suspect that, because metal isn't my strongest genre. The intro to "Sacrifice" reminds me a bit of KISS circa 1979, but it is definitely more metal than rock.

If Bloodline wants to focus on the band, they could use better web organization, and there are lots of options for doing that. If other projects are more important to them, that's okay too. I wish them well whatever their path.

The first two links are specific to the band, and the last two are for Loren Anthony.

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