Friday, March 23, 2018

Band Review: Ana Tijoux

Ana Tijoux was recommended in a thread on women musicians at

With roots in Chile and France, Tijoux crossed over into Latin Pop after starting in Hip Hop.

I had not known that when I started listening, but upon learning that it made total sense. The emphasis on rhythm and the care with which Tijoux punctuates her lyrics speaks to her experience as an MC.

I have no idea how she compares to other Latin Pop, but I appreciate the infusions of funk that her music brings.

While I speak some Spanish, I do not comprehend as much as I do while listening in English. Given that and the large extent of Tijoux's catalog, I was not sure that I was getting enough out of listening. Because of that, watching the videos was helpful for adding some insight. Of course I heard the energy of the music, but seeing the way the videos focused on people, celebrating humanity, and fighting that which oppresses us, gave a deeper understanding. The videos also made me take additional notice of her collaboration with other artists, which goes well with that demonstrated love for people.

Of course, the odds always were in favor of me finding something to enjoy about an artist with a song titled "Antipatriarca".

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