Friday, March 02, 2018

Band Review: Lost In A Name

The intro to Lost In A Name's "Avert the Apathy" reminds me of Metallica. There is an aggression to the opening guitars and drums, and it makes me think of the hardest metal.

That's not what this song or this band is. The voices are not as aggressive as James Hetfield, and many of the song titles (like "Get Off My Hoverboard!") indicate that they don't take themselves nearly as seriously.

Personally, I find that a good thing, as I am not usually angry enough for metal. (I am only well-versed in metal because apparently I am related to angry people.) However, I like that Lost In A Name can play it that way. I like that they can border metal with their rock and pick out some of the good parts for their own use.

They really manage to get a good hard edge in their songs. It's impressive that they do it with only two people. Maybe a guitar and a drum kit is all you need, but it's a surprisingly strong sound for a duo.

Pretty enjoyable.

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