Thursday, March 29, 2018

Band Review: Zelena Hull

Zelena Hull is a singer working out of South Carolina who has won various awards as a vocalist.

Musically she reminds me a little of Alannah Myles and Sheryl Crow, with a country/Southern rock emphasis. The only caveat I need to give there is that she is young, and it is more noticeable here than it might be in other genres.

Hull's Facebook page refers to her as a teen. She was winning prizes in 2013, so she may have cracked her twenties by now, but she still sounds kind of young.

That is somewhat a result of her musical style. Some of the music sounds like it should be sung with a whiskey-soaked voice, and yet you question whether this voice has reached drinking age.

That is not to endorse drinking, or especially underage drinking, but it feels fair to say that Hull is still developing into the artist that she is going to become, even with at least five years of experience under her belt.

If the previous descriptions of her style (Alannah Myles and Sheryl Crow) appeals to you, then getting in on the ground floor and watching her develop could be rewarding.

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