Friday, April 06, 2018

Concert Review: Have Mercy

Have Mercy struck me as a really laid back band.

(Some of that may have been contrast, because the band after them had an unusually expressive bassist.)

Other than making me feel that maybe it's okay if I tend to close my eyes when I sing, there were two things that seemed important about this laid back impression.
  • It in no way detracted from the feeling that they were very happy to be there and performing for us.
  • It might be kind of a relief, too, because some of their songs are really sad, like the kind of music that you might listen to after a bad breakup or a death or something that hurts. That they still seemed happy and relaxed is kind of hopeful. The hurt doesn't have to leave you broken.
2017's Make The Best Of It is a really strong album. They have earlier tracks that stand out; I especially liked "Howl", "Two Years", and "Let's Talk About Your Hair" for that, and I love that they did a cover of "Somebody's Baby". Still, listening to "Drive"and "Coexist", this band has matured. Listening to "Good Christian Man" may give an idea of some of what that maturation entailed.

Overall, this is a good band and probably a good time to be listening to them. The tour with Senses Fail just wrapped up, but they have a bunch of dates coming up in June.

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