Thursday, April 05, 2018

Concert Review: Household

I went to a show with four bands last week (March 27th at the Hawthorne Theater), so these next four reviews will all cover that show, based on the order in which the bands performed.

The opening band was Household, and I missed a good part of their set. My train was held because the train in front of us was being held for the police, leading to a missed bus and a late arrival. (At least I wasn't on the train that was being held for the police.) Anyway, I missed a lot, but I did get to see them perform some, and I have been listening to them all week.

Because more of my experience is from their recorded material, that may be why a lot of my thoughts seem to be based on their video for "Don't Listen To Me".

There is a comment on the video saying that while the song is nice, the transitions and key changes make it sound like four different songs together. I don't agree with that because I think the overall mood of the song works together. I do get why someone might think that, and I can also see how the video could reinforce it. Using some old communication technology, some interpretive dance, and some reverse film, there is a sense of disjointedness and separation, but that works with the theme. It is a somber theme, but one that touches on common human experience.

The band does have a somber sound overall. There are times when they rock pretty hard, like on "Wistern", but the overall mood is fairly downbeat. The best description I can give is that if you combined The Starting Line and Pearl Jam, but also they read a lot of Sartre, I think that band would sound a lot like Household.

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