Friday, March 17, 2017

Band Review: Andy Jackson and Death in the Park

Just for the record, there are two Andy Jacksons.

The older one is a recording engineer best known for his work with Pink Floyd, but who also has produced some solo work that reminds me of Pink Floyd. The songs on Signal to Noise are moody, if not quite dark, and carry a weight to them where I can suddenly hear where Pink Floyd might have been among the inspirations for sludge,

I feel pretty confident that the Andy Jackson that James Dewees recommended is the younger one, who has sung for Hot Rod Circuit and has a solo project called Death in the Park. I suspect this based on James Dewees following him and Hot Rod Circuit having toured with The Get Up Kids. (You can get things past me, but not indefinitely.)

Unsurprisingly, Death in the Park is more to my taste, with its earnest aching and more melodic delivery. It is certainly closer to danceable.

I particularly liked "Sway", one of the faster offerings, but Jackson's team-up with Paramore's Hayley Williams, "Fallen", may leave the strongest impression. The way it lingers in the mind makes it a solid choice for closing out the EP.

I was not able to find any links dedicated to Death in the Park, but there is sometimes information on Andy Jackson (the younger one's) Twitter.

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