Thursday, March 30, 2017

Band Review: Message to the Masses

Message to the Masses is a metal band from Tucson.

Their sound demonstrates a post-hardcore influence; I can imagine Touché Amoré fans enjoying Message to the Masses. Vocally there is a lot of growling, and at times there is an almost industrial feel to the instruments.

They generally do well at keeping that from becoming monotonous, taking breaks for softer vocals or delicate musical accents. "Open Your Eyes" may be the best example, but I was most drawn to "Time to Dance", and the intro to "A New Beginning" is really beautiful.

There are two Youtube links given. One is the band's own channel, but it looks like their video for "Blood and Bones" is only available via the channel for Artery, their label.

Although this is not my favorite genre, I enjoyed listening.

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