Thursday, June 08, 2017

Band Review: Michael Zabrocki

Michael Zabrocki is a singer and songwriter from New York. Also serving as the Director of Music Ministries for Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church and Public Relations and Marketing Director for Christian Music Pioneer, that should be enough to keep three people busy. Despite multiple responsibilities, he still has a fair amount of music output.

Songs have a soothing feel with spiritual messages; more Christian easy listening than Christian rock, and it works. Vocal harmony is layered with the instruments, giving a sound that is full but not overpowering. At times it sounds like he is playing the harpsichord, which rather than making the music sound old makes it sound kind of timeless.

"Unless a Grain of Wheat" felt a little forced to me, as if it were trying to hard to incorporate scriptural passage into song. Other songs, in their simple expressions of joy and gratitude, were more effective. I especially liked "Welcome Sweet Morn".

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