Thursday, June 01, 2017

Concert Review: Matt Pryor

In case it is not already obvious, there was a lot going on that Friday night, inside and outside. I believe that even after I complete the individual artist reviews tomorrow, I will need to write one more piece on Monday to wrap everything up. Because of that, there are some things that relate to Matt Pryor's performance that seem like they would go better there, pertaining more to the overall show.

There is one thing that relates to two of the other artists that I need to mention now. Both Lily Pryor and Chris Margolin mentioned having a hard time talking and tuning a guitar at the same time. At a show where no one was switching out guitars, that has a big impact on flow.

Here's the thing. Not only was Matt Pryor's flow uninterrupted by tuning, it was also only barely interrupted but the strap detaching during one song. He did not play while reattaching it - that would have required multiple arms - but he got it back on quickly and restarted with no loss of composure.

Therefore, I have to say that Matt Pryor is an amazing performer.

It's not that I haven't listened to a lot of music with him and enjoyed it. It's not that he wasn't a key part of one of the best overall concerts I have ever been to. I knew all of that, but seeing him in a different situation (a difficult situation) gives me a new appreciation. I would never wish it on anyone, but remembering how a broken guitar string disrupted a Lemonheads set, I can't help but wonder how Pryor would handle that, and think I would be impressed.

The set contained an enjoyable mix of The Get Up Kids and The New Amsterdams material with Pryor's solo work. From very low-key songs to more high energy ones, Pryor filled the intimate space with the appropriate vibes and connected with the audience.

Then again, Matt Pryor is an amazing performer.

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