Thursday, June 22, 2017

Band Review: Tooth & Nail

I pushed out my review of Tooth & Nail so that they would have two songs out instead of one. It still feels hard to review them with only two.

They are still a real band, with several dates scheduled. They simply aren't focusing on recording right now. I am reviewing them anyway because I reviewed Daniel Pearson a long time ago (he was number 19). I can't keep track of everyone, but Pearson has stayed on my radar, and when I saw he had a new project I wanted to support that.

And I like those two songs. There is a gritty blues feel to them where it makes sense when I see the band will be playing in Manchester. In addition, if I think about Pearson, there is a force and groove to the Tooth & Nail songs that is different. They remind me how collaborations can bring out different sides of people, and different songs. Drummer Mike Neilson and Pearson appear to be a good fit.

Some of my praise for them is anticipation; I don't know that I will ever be in England and able to see them play, or that they will come here. They may record more songs.

If they don't, there are still these two. If I don't see them play, others will. Sometimes it is simply good to remember that there is good music happening all over the world. That constant is one of the joys of life.

That's a nice thing to remember as I post a review for band #451.

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