Friday, July 28, 2017

Band Review: Calling All Astronauts

One of the most tedious parts of reviewing music (for me), is listening to a string of remixes of the same song where none of the variations seem to make that much difference. Calling All Astronauts turned that upside down.

They took the third track off of Anti-Social Network, "Hands Up Who Wants To Die?" and changed the request. Do you want Metal? Goth? Dubstep? There are six different tracks providing those things.

It makes sense for them, as the band prides itself on being able to incorporate various genres, including electro and post-punk. When I am listening I hear primarily indie rock with a guitar-heavy electro influence and an undercurrent of industrial. So if sometimes I hear a riff that reminds me of The Go-Go's, or a vocalization that reminds me of Iggy Pop, that should all be in play. "The American Dream" reminds me of Nine-Inch Nails.

There is a lot to listen to here. I recommend starting with "Empire". That's not just because it's the first track of their most recent album; it's also a pretty good song.

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