Thursday, July 27, 2017

Band Review: Love Past Blue

Love Past Blue is a Dallas-based indie rock band. Their songs sound like they would go over well in a roadhouse, experimenting with funk and blues.

This made it somewhat disconcerting for me to discover that their ages range from 14 to 17. I don't hear it when only listening to them, but when watching performance footage it is distracting, especially as they introduce a song about consent.

I don't want to get overly hung up on age; they sound great. With this much ability now they should only be getting better, and able to speak with more authority as they gain more life experience. I cannot help feeling that they should take some time to grow up.

That should not be a reason not to listen to them. Of the songs available, I particularly liked "Faded". It is a bit softer than the rest of their tracks, but was delivered beautifully.

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