Thursday, July 20, 2017

Band Reviews: The Hotel Robbery, 57 Down, and A New Nowhere

When I have bands without very much music I worry about being able to provide a worthwhile review. Sometimes I just go for it anyway, but today I have three where I was followed by a member of a band without very many songs, and I decided to combine them.

The Hotel Robbery (Lucas Ludwig)

I can only find one song by Lucas, "Drive", released in January around the same time he followed me.

"Drive" is pretty good. It has interesting synth accents and shifts in the delivery that gives complexity to the emotional effect, which is full of frustration and longing. There is a break near the end of the song, where you think it's over. It picking back up works, and makes the song more than it was.

It would probably be easier for The Hotel Robbery to find their niche if "Drive" were a straight dance tune. Also, maintaining momentum is going to require more activity, with new releases or videos or something. There is still potential here, and it merits attention.

57 Down (Billy Bass)

57 Down has two tracks available: "A Fool And His Corpse" and "Need It Kind Of Real". The band takes an interesting approach by having two bass guitars and no 6-strings.

Melody is generally carried more by vocals than guitar anyway, so that is not what you notice. Instead the double bass leads to a stripped down, raw feel. It may make the music more in your face, or that could just be them.

The group self-describes as stoner rock. I don't feel like their music would be greatly improved by the use of substances (I'd say that's more of a house/ambient thing), so I may be missing a reference. Tracks are fun and energetic, especially "Need It Kind Of Real".

A New Nowhere (Kev)

A New Nowhere is a rock band from Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Lightening moody chords with harmonic vocals, they should be easily enjoyed by fans of the Seattle grunge sound, perhaps even more for feeling a little lighter.

That's not that there is no darkness in the music, but it is dealt with in a way that doesn't bring the listener down. Sometimes that's due to the beauty, but it can be humor too; their video for "You And I" verges on the absurd.

Spotify only has three tracks, but you can find a few additional via the Youtube Channel. I recommend checking these out as well, especially "Scream".

I don't want to take anything away from A New Nowhere by harping on the grunge similarities, but I know there are huge fans of Nirvana and Pearl Jam out there who will groove to this band, and those connections should be made.

It's always good to find a new band.

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