Friday, July 21, 2017

Band Review: The Further

Keeping with this week's theme of reviewing bands where a member followed me, one member of The Further is guitarist Barrington Mole.

Barrington is in three bands, which means that even though I reviewed Whitemoor back in August (and while I certainly can't rule out a future review of Ejectorseat), today is all about The Further, a Derbyshire-based indie rock band.

Songs have a quality of creeping desperation, but that doesn't stop them from being poignant and beautiful.

Despite the band's description of their sound as "Three friends making a forlorn racket", "Ordinary" is energetic, even if its rhyme scheme pulls in "obituary" and "cemetery". "Cling 2 Me" pulls in some good funk. That being said, "The Other Side of the Valley" and "Suffocate Yourself" are pretty forlorn.

That is not a problem. Life can get dreary, and music is sometimes the best way of facing that.

Worth checking out.

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