Thursday, December 10, 2015

Band Review: Anthony Hamilton

Anthony Hamilton was recommended by Twitter's Blackamazon, and this was a good week to get to him for reasons that I will get to next week. For now, on with the review.

Hamilton's R&B career goes back to 1995, but I feel like there has been a perpetual improvement. I like 2008's The Point Of It All, but 2011's Back to Love is even cooler and funkier. Collaborating with Babyface was effective, but was only a factor for one of the albums.

(I am also really enjoying 2014's Home For The Holidays, but that may be getting a seasonal boost.)

That's not to discount the earlier works, but my favorites have tended to be within the last decade, including "Magnolia's Room" from 2007. I think the upward trajectory shows maturation and an increasing comfort.

Other recommended tracks include "Praying For You/Superman", "Cool", and "Woo", and "More Than Enough".

Songs can work for dancing, but may work better for more private activities. This music is meant for grooving.

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