Friday, April 21, 2017

Band Review: Tantric

It wasn't actually Tantric that followed me, but bassist Scott Wilson. He does some bass-related merchandising on his own, so I am including his specific links at the end as well.

(And let me say, links are important, because the immediate search engine results for "tantric" focus heavily on sex and yoga.)

I had heard of Tantric before but never listened; I ended up really enjoying them. Singer Hugo Ferreira brings a layered richness to the vocals, blending warmth and pathos. I suspect I would have better ways of describing it if I were a coffee drinker.

The rock is generally straightforward and strong on guitar, but they incorporate some interesting departures as needed. There is effective use of more orchestral elements on "The One", and the intro to "Love Song" reminds me of Hendrix.

I especially appreciated "Mourning", and while covers of "Let It Be" are never necessary, theirs is good enough to justify itself.

It feels like they would be easily enjoyed by Alice In Chains fans, and possibly better for the couples among those fans. There is plenty of pain in their music, but not without the ability to enjoy love.

I suppose that's helpful if they want to live up to their name.

Scott Wilson

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