Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Being catty

My sisters got my mother a cat yoga calendar. It bugs me.

Cats do amazing stretches on a regular basis, but the calendar has really obviously altered images that aren't that cute and probably aren't that accurate to yoga. Why bother?

Well, I know why they bother: you can't get the cats to stretch on demand. They won't do it in clean shots that can bring a yoga studio to mind either - it will be draped over the couch, or your keyboard. That is the feline way, but it's also a good reason to not choose that particular calendar theme.

That reminds us that cats have some attitude where you might not think of them as your typical yoga adherents. As an outsider, I think you can make a case either way. They can be very serene, and above things.

I still think the calendar is stupid, especially the April picture (whoever did the Photo-shopping put a weird taper on one limb). There is something that bugs me more.

Cats are not supposed to drink milk. They can have bad lactose intolerance issues. They may like the taste, but it's not good for them. (We do sometimes let Cody have Cat-Sip.)

It frustrates me when the cat drinking milk idea is perpetuated so much. I see it on television, in "The Zazzy Substitution" episode of The Big Bang Theory, and the "Peter on the Couch" episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.  I see it in children's books, like Hide and Seek Kitten and Socks and Caldecott winner Kitten's First Full Moon.

I suppose responsible pet owners will find out about good nutrition through research or vets or maybe even the people at the adoption place, but we should quite perpetuating bad information.

Yes, I could take that in a more profound direction, but I am killing some time while I work out some other things to write.

Also, I like cats. Someday there may be a whole post on pet nicknames and how much synecdoche plays a factor in the things I call Ashley.

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