Thursday, April 06, 2017

Band Review: Vaeda

By complete coincidence, the week that I finally got around to watching Between Resistance and Community: The Long Island Do It Yourself Punk Scene I had a band from Long Island, Vaeda, up for review.

Of course it is not that simple. Vaeda is more likely to be categorized as alternative rock than punk, and Long Island was only one base in a long history that also involves Brooklyn, Los Angeles, and Washington DC.

Probably the most complicated thing was that the band appears to have announced an indefinite hiatus in 2009, and I can find no indication of an official announcement for an end to the hiatus. Nonetheless, they have been on Twitter since 2015, and they now have a site that is not a Myspace page, even though it doesn't have a lot of info on it.

Is the band coming back? Will there be new tours and new music releases? Or are they merely trying to increase sales for what has already been released? I can't tell.

That all fits. Follow up interviews for Between all kind of talk about the scene dying, but new bands kept coming - even if where they played and who was listening changed. Bands experience a lot of ups and downs, and they find ways to adapt. Label problems have changed the trajectory of many bands.

But music stays. You can still listen to Vaeda. You can still buy their albums. With the new activity, maybe you can hope for shows.

Links are down below. There is not a lot in the way of official music videos, but there is still a lot of music up, including performance footage.

Guitars are really good. That is interesting because historically there were issues with keeping a guitarist and needing to accommodate that loss. You do not feel any absence. My personal favorites were probably "Battle Song", "All For You", and "Fake The Moment", but the rock is solid overall.

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