Friday, September 08, 2017

Band Review: Ryan Hamilton and The Traitors

I actually was not followed by Ryan Hamilton and The Traitors, but by their street team. However, I think that means Shanna, and I support Shanna, so they get a review.

Ryan Hamilton and The Traitors are currently based in Fort Worth, Texas, but have roots in the UK as well. The Texas connection may be more obvious, as there is a sort of country flair rollicking under the music. It is still absolutely more correct to call them rock than country, but country fans could enjoy it.

(Also, if you remember Rakunk - a Chicago-band reviewed last year - I think the two bands could share fans pretty comfortably:

Good songs to check out include "We Never Should Have Moved to L A" and "The Gulf of Mexico". No, not all titles are place-centric, but those two stood out. I also really liked a live number they did, "Freak Flag".

The band should be a good time, whether recorded or live.

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