Thursday, October 26, 2017

Band Review: Fatally Yours

If you check out Fatally Yours (an alternative/rock band from Baltimore) now, links are going to point to their most recent song, "Another You".

That's logical, because it is new. It also gives you one impression of the band that could be limiting.

"Another You" is angry and growling, perhaps bitter. That doesn't make it a bad song, but as you listen more the band has songs with different moods that are really beautiful. That is especially true of "Exit Sign" and "Every Moment". It kind of doesn't sound like the same group.

That's an unfair impression too. "Horror Fashion" comes from the same time period and demonstrates some similar aggression and energy. There is a harshness to the chords on "Calling Out" that doesn't undermine the melody but is still noticeable.

It is possible that the band is moving in a harder direction, making "Another You" a signal of what is to come.

It could also just be a reminder that there is more than one song to any band. You don't know until you listen, and until you explore a little more.

If you do that, Fatally Yours is pretty good.

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