Monday, October 09, 2017

Comics Catch Up: My Comixology library

I finally made it through all of my Comixology comics, and am relieved. For comics I already own, there is only one that I haven't read, and I will get to it -- that is amazing progress. It is also a relief to be done, because this section wasn't nearly as fun as going through my Dark Horse cache.

(That is not a surprise in itself. My preference for Dark Horse declared itself early:

If you'll recall, there were 61 different titles in the Dark Horse cache, with 14 where I will definitely read more, 13 that I might possibly want to read more, and 24 where I was unlikely to want to read more, plus ten that I had either read completely or that were compilations.

I had 101 titles on Comixology. Most of them only had one issue, though, and I had many, many issues of Hellboy, so those numbers don't quite match up the way they look. (I see now that it was 172 Dark Horse issues and 196 issues on Comixology).

However, of the 101 titles, there were 53 that I am pretty sure that I won't ever want to pick back up. There were 11 mostly single-issue comics, but also a few limited runs that I had completed of my own volition for other, and 23 where I may want to read more, and only 14 where I definitely want to read more. That is a lot of good stuff, but not really liking more than half felt like a lot.

I am tempted now to promote one of the Unlikely comics to "Possibly" and make that number 52. That would be very fitting, because 5 of them were from DC's New 52, and boy do I ever hate that. Slick artwork, but so much noise and so little humanity -- kind of sadistic, really -- I could only hate it more if the art were bad.

It was good to read some other publishers and be better versed on their offerings. Publishing houses are still not as reliable an indicator as the writers. I will check out almost anything from Dark Horse and maybe also Top Shelf, but for most others it just depends. Still, if the exception proves the rule, I think I might hate Valiant. After a few of their titles I started wrinkling up my face whenever I saw their logo, and right through reading X-O Manowar yesterday, nothing redeemed them.

It did really validate my writer love. I would never hesitate to read Gail Simone. She can get pretty twisted (which she admits and revels in) but I just keep finding heart and meaning and good things in her work. I suppose that means that I could even try something New 52 with her name on it, but it wouldn't go at the top of the list.

I feel similarly about Terry Moore. I just keep liking his work and wanting to read more of it. I haven't read a lot of Mark Waid, but I will give him a chance because of how beautifully he handled Birthright. I may not read everything from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction, but I'll read a lot.

(And is the reason I don't like that one writer because he did so much on New 52? Or was he the perfect person to do so much on New 52 because that's just him? Because I feel guilty about not liking him.)

I also need to give credit to Christy Blanch of Ball State. I didn't love every comic that she assigned, but there were some really good things there. Many of my favorite titles in the Comixology group were because of her two classes.

That leads to something else I appreciate about this; going back and re-reading some of these titles allowed me to view them with more experienced eyes. Maybe there was something that I didn't like before, but I understood better this time why it had been done that way. It gave a greater appreciation. 

That isn't all merely having read more either. People I follow on Twitter - creators and critics - have shared their insights over time, and that has been good. I appreciate lettering now in a way I never could have on my own because of Nate Piekos (Blambot). Steve Lieber, Steve Morris, and Brett White have all been influences. I like having a deeper understanding.

I mean, I am not at the point where I will be writing academic papers to submit to the International Comic Arts Forum yet. I don't even think I will be able to attend this year (though I had been hoping). It is still pretty cool to look back and to have read so many great comics and good comics and to even have a sense of accomplishment getting through so many indifferent comics.

It's even better that there is still so much more waiting. It's not just the "Definitely" and "Possibly" comics, though that would be plenty. It's also the 33 books that I have down because I read a positive review, or that seem important to comic history, or for some other reason I have thought, "I should read that".

It is also the four studios and the fifteen creators that I want to check out because they are local or well-regarded or I went to college with them.

It is also the handful of comic characters where I may not know of specific arcs to check out, but where I do want to check something out. Maybe that is just because someone else is passionate about them (like Steve Morris about Dark Star). It's reason enough to read more comics.

Plus, soon I will be reading  Native Americans in Comic Books: A Critical Study by Michael A. Sheyahshe, and seeing where that takes me.

Finally, there are all the things that I don't know about yet, or even know how I am going to find out about them yet, there are books that haven't even been written yet, but that will still be awesome when I get there.

All of which is really just to say that I like comics.

But it should mainly be trades for a while, so if any of my Goodreads connections were irritated with the frequency of my updates while I was going through so many single issues, that should be better now.

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