Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Just for now

I want to say yesterday was more draining than it should have been, but the amount of draining was probably appropriate.

If I think about it as what I wrote personally, it shouldn't be a huge deal. If I consider all of the other status updates that made it necessary to write, then yes, the reminder of not just how common it is for women to be harassed, assaulted, and raped, but also how terrible people can be about it (which I think will be its own post), okay, I can accept that it is taking more than a day to recover. At least I kind of knew it was like that; some people were really surprised.

I have a lot of thoughts going around about things I would like to say, but the one priority I really stuck with was finishing cutting out the fabric for the gowns.

(If you don't remember the angel dolls project, I wrote about it here: http://preparedspork.blogspot.com/2015/05/coordinating-sewing-service-project.html)

We have not been able to get as much help this year (at least from the adults) but as the unemployed person in the household I have had time for some cutting, sewing, turning, stuffing, stitching, and more cutting. There are 86 dolls ready, and the fabric is cut out for 84 gowns, just finished today. We will have to recruit for that, because no one here has or knows how to operate a serger.

I have a lot of things that I need to get done right now, but this weekend it felt like that was the right priority. That is not unreasonable, as we were not sure how many gowns would need to be sewn until the cutting was done. We are ready for the next phase now.

It did mean I hadn't blogged or read or edited or submitted or made any phone calls, but those all require a bit more mind than I had available today.

I went back to the computer to at least try and blog, and I saw two tweets from @silentrex:

If it turns out we can't stop imminent destruction of civilization by the forces at work right now, what should we be doing right now?  /1

On the other hand: if it turns out we can, but we must act quickly, what should we be doing right now?  /2

That shouldn't be comforting, because I cannot answer those questions at all. It may be the lack of available mind.

But I did find a right now, and I completed it. It's something.

Maybe tomorrow's activities will be more to the point, but there are different points too.

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