Friday, November 14, 2014

Band Review: Jon Johnson

Jon Johnson is a rock and blues guitarist from PortlandOregon.
The pieces I have been listening to have been instrumental, and it has been interesting for me to hear how much emotion has come through in the music alone, with no help from vocals.
"Amends" is very moving, whereas "Find My Way" and "Underline" are considerably funkier. I don't have a good adjective for "Lightswitch". It's amazing, but that doesn't really describe anything. It's clear that Johnson is really good at what he does; does that describe the song? No, you just need to listen to it.
That obviously is not a huge selection, but it is a very beautiful and impressive slice of work.
I enjoyed the video of Johnson playing on his site. Someone who knows how to play guitar would probably get more out of it, but I got a sense of the fun of the song, and it was interesting to see how the visual went along with the audio.

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Thanks for the awesome review!