Monday, August 31, 2020

Remember September: The next round of daily songs

Hark! A new blog post!

You may remember that from June 12th through July 5th I was posting two songs per day, along with raising funds for Don't Shoot Portland and the Oregon Food Bank. Right after that I switched into Christmas in July, playing Christmas songs and highlighting service opportunities through July 25th.

I started feeling like I should do something else, and I kept thinking about ways to connect with other people. The phrase "Remember September" came to me then. Maybe it was also in conjunction with our now postponed 30-year high school reunion, but I was thinking about something where I could reach out to every Facebook friend, and post a memory or something. I couldn't quite get it to gel.

Anyway, as I have been putting so many people on 30-day snooze - caught between loving people and being irritated by them (but for the record, I love you more if you are less annoying) - I decided that what I am going to do is post daily songs for at least September (it may stretch out) where those songs are associated with people I know, and tag them, in the hopes of having some good contacts and smiles. I want to feel some love and remember that I do not only hate people.

Early posts are probably going to focus on concerts, weddings, and karaoke, where the song associations are more obvious. Maybe sometimes I will try and choose a song that encapsulates a feeling. It could get mushy.

There are other pitfalls, like maybe people won't care. Or maybe one song would be perfect, but then people would wonder why this one person wasn't tagged, and I could divulge or not why that person and I are no longer friends but generally I'm okay with you still liking them.

I mean, there are plenty of bad memories too, but I will try and focus on the good ones. 

At this point, I think Twitter will just get the songs without explanations, but if there's a good story, who knows? We'll see how it goes after that.