Friday, November 08, 2019

Concert Review: The Slants - Farewell Show

I have been wanting to see The Slants live since I first reviewed them in 2017. I recently saw that they were coming to Doug Fir Lounge with the words "Final Show" and realized I was almost out of time.

After thirteen years and a Supreme Court battle, the band is retiring from touring. It's not really the end, because there is now a non-profit foundation and a musical. Actually, "final" show is a bit of a misnomer, because there are still a few dates listed for acoustic sets and book tour dates. This was the last date with the full band, though, and "full" was an understatement.

Former members were brought back, and it was a nice touch. For a while current singer Ken Shima and former singer Aron Moxley took turns taking the stage, but then everyone was on stage, and everyone was mounting speakers. It was pretty cool.

Yes, there was rock, but also there was an excerpt from the new musical, and some stories and sharing about what was next. That, along with the reunion of former members, made it more than just a performance. There was heart and thoughtfulness that made it more.

It was an appropriate sendoff for a band that has always been about more.

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