Friday, August 18, 2017

Band Review: The Felix

The Felix began as a studio project for two lifelong friends in Manhattan.

That's what it sounds like. There are a lot of the synthesizers and remixing that you get with one person tooling around in the studio, and a moody style that is very young and sophisticated and Manhattan.

That sounds like criticism, but as The Felix is, it works. The music is perfectly pleasant to listen to, and the hook from "Coming Back" lingers. That lingering is helped by the band's eight tracks containing three versions of the song, but some of it is musical quality.

My main problem is that altogether none of it amounts to much. I listen, and it's fine, and other than remembering a refrain from a song I have now listened to at least eighteen times, it hasn't meant anything to me.

It does to them. Based on their write-up, these are songs about personal feelings, and creating with your friends is great. However, to recommend the music, I would need to hear more depth. For what I hear, I recommend them if you like house music that you can't dance to.

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