Thursday, August 17, 2017

Band Review: Guilt Ritual

Guilt Ritual is a hardcore band from Western Massachusetts.

There is not a lot of personal information on them available -- some first names without which instrument they play -- but my understanding is that the Travis is Travis Guin, a Twitter connection. Although we did once casually agree to form a band together when I turned 50 (2022), I support his not waiting until then to make music. That's why I am reviewing Guilt Ritual.

It is easy for hardcore to end up feeling like an assault, but this is not a problem with Guilt Ritual. One way they succeed is by keeping tracks at punk-length; you can listen to the entire Cured of Life EP in just over eight minutes.

It does not hurt that the guitars are played very well. There is intensity and force and even darkness, but the journey is a short one and that keeps it invigorating instead of exhausting.

I'm not sure how that will work out in shows. A short set is desirable for a lot of opening bands, but there will have to be some sort of balance for longer gigs. The band is working on that now, with a some shows set for the fall and a new record coming out, so this is a great time to pay attention as a fan.

Or a participant. They are looking for a drummer. If you are a drummer in Massachusetts or Connecticut, it's something to think about.

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