Thursday, August 24, 2017

Band Review: Wearing Thin

Wearing Thin is a growing band.

I say that because having a chance to listen to their 2015 EP, Fake Amends, and their 2016 Split EP with Keyes (both bands are signed with Tragic Hero Records), I hear growth.

The anguished delivery and style was already there. The band does not assign itself a genre, but I am going to say post-core; there is growl-shouting and bombast, but it tends to stay more measured instead of getting frenetic. (Your mileage may vary.) They do a good job with delivery and not all of the songs sound the same, so they avoided the common pitfalls, probably a helpful factor in getting signed.

Beyond that, with only two songs on the split, the band shows an increased level of sophistication. The musical accents on "Everything Is Not Yet Lost" from 2015 are interesting (they remind me a little of The Smiths), and you can hear something similar on 2016's "Follow Through", but the textures are more complex, there is more differentiation, and this is the sign of a band that is learning and growing. And that is not even the best song, because I think "Company (Misery)" edges it out.

Those can be good enough reasons to check out the Salt Lake City group, but it's also a good reason to keep an ear on them, and listen to what they do next.

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