Thursday, July 02, 2015

Band Review: Love Brooklyn

Love Brooklyn is a band from Corinth, Mississippi. Their Facebook page lists Cartel, The Dangerous Summer, Fall Out Boy, Boys Like Girls, and All Time Low as their influences.

I think they sound most similar to Boys Like Girls and All Time Low. I hear less of a punk influence in their music, which is softer in general. At the same time, a strong sincerity comes through, and enough energy that the music does not feel at all weak. In addition, the chorus work on "All The Way" has a feeling of reaching out to the universe, making me believe that the band can be epic if they need to.

The band currently has five tracks available on Soundcloud, and plans to record an album this summer. As much as "All The Way" impressed me, "Where We Stand" is probably the most important track to hear.

Definitely worth checking out. Let's wish them well.

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