Thursday, July 30, 2015

Band Review: Midnight Soundtrack

Midnight Soundtrack is a new electronic rock band featuring Marcio Novelli, who was reviewed as a solo artist in March.

The electronic aspects seem to bring out a more mature and darker side. I'm not even sure that the content is so different, but with track titles like "Walk of Shame", "I Want To Have Your Abortion" and one more that I'm not comfortable typing, there is a harsher feel to this album. There is a theme of relationships not working out, and the resulting disappointment and resentment. This can be most felt on "Why I Never".

The songs are still danceable. There is a good sense of melody, and not only is there still tender aching but there is still emotional soaring, no matter what goes wrong.

Midnight Soundtrack is only available for preorder until September 1st (Novelli directed me to a preview), but some tracks are up on Bandcamp and Youtube. "Eleven Fifty Nine" is available on both, and is a good starting point. There has also been a chance to win a free album via the band's Twitter, so there are some opportunities available now.

For pre-release there is already a strong web presence. Relevant links are below.

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